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Nouveau pack de 11 Piston Cup Race

Un nouveau pack de 11 Piston Cup Race vient de sortir, il contient notamment Finish Line Lightning McQueen et Superfan Mia & Tia

Un nouveau personnage Nascar

Danny Swervez fait lui aussi sont entrée dans la série Nascar !

Un nouveau personnage Nascar

La série Nascar s'enrichit d'un nouveau personnage en la personne de Aric Almirolling !

Pixar Fest 2021

La série Pixar Fest est de retour avec de nouvelles éditions !

World of Cars Collection : Découvrez nos livres

The Convoy Brothers

Meet character The Convoy Brothers

The Convoy Brothers have never been apart. They do absolutely everyting together. They work together, have lunch together-they even have vacation sites next to each other. To see them you'd think they were welded at the fenders, but they're not... not anymore, thanks to the miracle of modern engineering.

The Convoy Brothers can be seen in Cars.

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